March 1, 2022

RewardCo Cloud Expands Employee Engagement Through Gifted.PH Partnership

At the heart of employee engagement is increased participation through reward and recognition systems. RewardCo is expanding its reward system for employee engagement through a new partnership with Gifted.PH. The addition of Gifted.PH’s wide range of gift cards is unlocking even further potential for employers to incentivize and reward their workers. Employees earn points within […]

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November 27, 2014

Attracting the Millennial Generation

Who are Millennials? The Millennial generation has been defined as those born between 1980 and 1996, though the precise years fluctuate depending on who is labeling the category. Millennials are up and coming in the international workforce, which will need them as projections suggest that most businesses will lose 30-40% of their current workforce to […]

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