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Gift Ideas

General Gifts for Clients and Staff

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We’ve written before on a variety of topics surrounding corporate gift giving for both employees and customers. As the winter holidays approach, businesses are looking for ways to show their appreciation. While tailoring gifts to individuals is ideal, particularly with regard to clients, there are some gifts that everyone will appreciate.
Media has changed a great deal over the last decade, shifting rapidly from one format to another. Currently, the most popular music purchases are digital, frequently through iTunes or Amazon. Though it may seem a little more complicated, this shift to digital technology has made gift giving for music lovers much simpler. Now, rather than combing through racks of discs attempting to ascertain what the recipient would enjoy most, or doesn’t already own, music gift cards leave the door wide open. Providing someone with an iTunes or Amazon gift card allows them to select whatever music they would like, thus eliminating the possibility of choosing poorly. One potential drawback is the perception that gift cards are impersonal. While members of the younger generations don’t seem to hold this opinion, gift givers can mitigate this by including a handwritten card or note to accompany the gift.
Technology Accessories
While this is a rather broad category, it’s applicable to nearly everyone in some fashion. Electronics are a part of daily life and every day new, clever devices are being introduced to make our interactions with technology easier. For example, the Charge Card is a credit card thin USB cable that will fit neatly into a wallet, eliminating an additional contribution to the tangle of cords when charging a mobile phone. Cord catchers, docking stations for phones and mp3 players, and even memory sticks are all attractive options. For employees, anything that may help eliminate some of the cords around their desks will be greatly appreciated. A simple wireless mouse could dramatically improve a staffer’s day to day life.
Food gifts are a bit trickier than some of the other ideas we’ve mentioned. With so many food allergies and dietary restrictions, the pitfalls can seem overwhelming. Given that, it is best to limit food gifts to people whose dietary preferences are well known. When in doubt, fruit baskets are a wonderful option. So many of the food gifts given around the holidays are overwhelmingly sweet and unhealthy, fresh fruit can quickly become the office favorite. Navigating the world of corporate gift giving can, at times, be quite complex. In those situations, it’s best to take a more general view of the process. People are often easy to please, provided a gift is practical and enjoyable.

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