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Prepare For Their Leave

When a staff member requests extended leave, in many cases due to an impending childbirth or adoption, a manager can…


Extended Leave Don’ts for Employers

Once an employee has indicated they need to take extended leave, a business owner has several decisions to make regarding…


Employee Leave Matters

On occasion, an employee’s personal life can completely overwhelm their professional life. Some examples of this include dealing with the…

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Alleviate Workplace Tension

Sometimes despite a manager’s best efforts, an office can become an extremely tense environment. Or perhaps a newly hired manager…

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Stop Tension Before It Starts

Last time we discussed how tension can gain a foothold in a business, directly affecting employee productivity and job satisfaction….


Make Globalization Work For You

Despite the hurdles inherent in doing business internationally, there are plenty of benefits to the average company.


The Hurdles of Globalization

The term “globalization” refers to the shift from insular societies toward a more integrated world. This is not a new…


The Argument for an Office

We’ve previously discussed the benefits of teleworking, or working from home. However, no business strategy is without its potential pitfalls…


Low Oil Prices Can Work For You

For the last seven months, the world has watched as oil prices have continued to decline. While this news is…

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Review Employees Effectively Part II

We began the conversation on strategies for creating an effective employee review process, including setting goals and ensuring employees are…