Customer Referral Programs

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One of the best ways to increase customer acquisition is through word of mouth, and referral programs are the best way to capitalize on that.

At RewardCo, our referral programs for customers are combined with a points-based rewards management and gift redemption system which is designed exclusively for your company to boost your transaction frequency, business flow, and referral rates.

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Features and Benefits

Offer instant rewards for successful referrals with RewardCo’s
Customer Referral Program.

  • Create accounts for referrers

  • View each referrer’s referral

  • Keep track of each referral’s success

  • Award points for successful referrals

  • Referrer can add referrals

  • Keep track of each referral’s success

  • Get instant email notification when points are awarded

  • Redeem gift items with points at any time

RewardCo’s Customer Referral Program allows you to offer instant rewards for successful referrals. Referrers have the ability to create accounts, add referrals and track their success, get email notification when points are rewarded, and redeem points for gift items at any time. RewardCo handles the shipping for you.

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Why Referral Programs?

Some old things are new again, and referral programs for clients are one of those. Customers referring their friends to products and services that they like is the foundation of word of mouth marketing, and in the age of social media, it is more powerful than ever before. When a customer mentions a company’s service that they like on Facebook or pins a photo on their Pinterest board, the benefits are global. By combining a customer referral to a points-based rewards system, the customer receives an additional benefit from their original purchase and interaction with your company.

The Parameters of the Program

RewardCo’s customer referral program provides you with the analytic data tools to single out people who have been customers for more than two years, plus have purchased at least one item each quarter. Statistically, these are your top choices for people who may be willing to make spontaneous referrals. They are also the ones that deserve the rewards offered by the referral program, since they are your loyal customers!

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