Customer Reward Programs

Grow your business with rewards.

Attract potential customers. Get your invoices paid faster. Boost Sales.

Customer reward programs are known to increase customer loyalty. And increase in customer loyalty inevitably leads to higher customer acquisition through strong word-of-mouth marketing.

RewardCo’s Customer Reward Programs are executed online through a points-based rewards management system which is designed exclusively for your business to improve your overall sales and profits significantly. Your customers gain access to an easy to use rewards program where they can login to track their points, redeem their choice of rewards from our 4000+ gift items , as well as track the tracking and delivery status of these redemptions. We take care of the shipment for you.

Business want their customers to be loyal to them and think of their name first. That’s why it is important to build strong and positive relationships with them. Whether you are looking to foster current relationships or entice new customers, our reward programs are right for you.

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Features and Benefits

Utilising RewardCo’s Customer Reward Programs will improve your business in the following ways

  • Attract more potential customers

  • Stop your best customers from defecting to your competitors

  • Encourage customers to spend more time with you each time they buy

  • Turn more of those potential into actual new customers

  • Get your customers to do business with you and for you more often

  • Get your invoices paid faster

Utilising RewardCo’s Customer Reward Programs will allow your business to attract new customers and retain existing ones. Customers will be encouraged to do more business with you, and spend more time with you each time they buy. Your business processes and margins will be improved, and your invoices paid faster. You’ll gain methods to award, track and manage points and redemptions, while customers will get access to the program to view their points and redeem gifts.

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Why Customer Rewards?

For more than a hundred years, the need to show customers that you appreciate their business has been considered unnecessary. The adage of “if you build it, they will come” that attended the industrial age model of building business is and customer retention.

Rewards That Work

Not all customer rewards have to be expensive, and not all have to be tangible. Impress your clients with a simple thank you card, signed with a real pen by a real person. When a customer receives a note signed by hand from a member of your customer service department instead of a printing press, your company’s name is imprinted in their brain.

Using a points-based redemption software application and management system allows your clients to redeem gift items that they really want. One very much overlooked and underutilized redemption opportunity, which studies show consumers would like to use, is to allow your customers to gift reward points to your employees. Many marketing experts are just beginning to get feedback from customers that they want to participate in thanking staff members who have provided them with a positive experience. Customers are commenting that this is a two-fold purpose – to tell the worker “thank you” and to inform the bosses that they have a special employee that deserves recognition.

Combine your knowledge of your clients’ interests and preferences with thinking out of your own marketing box. Offer to redeem points for experiences such as a weekend at a resort, an evening at a dinner theater, a pair of concert tickets in Vienna or a holiday cruise. Partnering with RewardCo to customize the way that personalized program.

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