Employee Reward Programs

Add your creation to relevant collections curated by people like you and get your work instantly noticed. Or start a collection of your own and use it however you like.

Stop your best staff from defecting to your competitors. Maximise recognition, loyalty, and performance.

Your employees need motivation to work to their best abilities and strive for greatness. They need to be recognized for superb performances and strong productivity, which will keep them satisfied at the office and boost your employee retention rates. But how can this be accomplished? Here at RewardCo, we specialise in driving and building that positive engagement with your staff and creating real, measurable results through our reward and recognition programs.

Some companies are a bit skeptical about how much of a difference a reward scheme would make to their business. However, utilising an Employee Reward Program like the one we offer at RewardCo will increase your employees’ productivity which in turn increases your business overall profit and sales.

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Features and Benefits

Key things you can do with the program

Simple, and easy to use

Add employees. Award points. Modify an individual employee’s points

Add To Wishlist

Boost morale and engagement by knowing what gift item(s) your employees really want

Tracking and Archiving

Keep track of your employees’ activities. View redeemed gift items

Verify redeemed gift items

Keep up-to-date and verify new, pending and completed redemptions

Catalog Management

Add your own products OR use our wide range of 4000+ gift items


Gain full access to a number of reports, with option to download reports at any time

This simple, easy to use program allows you to award points to employees based on performance and create a reward system for them to strive towards. You can populate your rewards catalog with your own products or use our wide range of more than 4,000 gift items. You’ll boost morale and improve engagement by knowing what gift items your employees really want.

Employees can track their points, create wishlists, and redeem the points they earn for the gifts they want. You will be able to verify which items are most popular, view what specific employees are working towards, and gain full access to a variety of reports with the option to download them at any time.

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Why Employee Rewards?

While many organizations believe that customers are more important to growing their business, there is sufficient evidence to show that employees may be the lynch pin to a company’s survival. After all, your lowest level employees are the ones who your customers meet every time they do business with you – whether in the real world or in the virtual environment.

Furthermore, studies show that employees feel HR fails in supporting employee rewards programs because the company leaders do not truly value their employees. If senior leaders are blind to what their workers do to enhance the organization’s missions and growth goals and recognize those efforts accordingly, then the employees see no justification for remaining with the company if another opportunity arises. Utilizing RewardCo’s employee rewards and management system can turn those impressions around.

Most Effective Programs

Rewards That Are Appreciated

The most desirable rewards are:

  • luxury items such as jewelry, bottles of wine, expensive food baskets from specialty companies
  • gift cards for luxury stores such as Saks or Neiman Marcus
  • gift cards that can be used online or in local stores
  • cash cards such as debit cards that can be reloaded if they choose to do so
  • experiences such as dinners at an exclusive restaurant, picnics at the beach, extra days off, and tickets to a special concert
  • trips, both local and distant

The rewards have to be worth working toward in order to make behaviors habitual rather than just short-term modifications for a one-time reward.

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