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January 16, 2015
As the winter holidays draw to a close, seasonal vacations end and employees return to work with a less noticeable spring in their step. The beginning of a new year can be an exciting time for a business, but a bit difficult for staffers just back from time off. In circumstances such as these, business owners may want to devote a little extra attention to company morale and motivations. Implementing a few simple strategies can get a staff well on their way back to peak productivity.
Praise Previous Work
Keep things positive by reminding employees of all the good work they’ve done in the past. Give specific examples of the previous year’s achievements, noting specific individual contributions whenever possible. Don’t limit the list to the last few months of the year. Consider the entire previous year, all the way back to January.
Share Your Plans
Don’t keep employees in the dark about upcoming developments with the business. Share the exciting plans and goals you’ve set for the business moving into the new year. It will give staff something to look forward to and focus on; a tangible goal.
Schedule Staff Appreciation
The first few months of the year can be a bit daunting for employees, but it can be an exciting time as well. From January to approximately April, businesses owners may notice a bit of a funk setting in. There are no vacations impending, no preparations for the end of a school term and life can start to look a bit monotonous at times. Planning some simple appreciations activities can help break things up. Even simply bringing in lunch and allowing staff to take a little extra time to socialize can work wonders on morale. Maintaining open communication with employees is just as important as ever at times when their motivation may be waning. Reminding them they are an important part of a team and expressing appreciation for their work will go a long way toward keeping a positive, productive work environment.
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