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Let Them Choose

We’ve discussed in previous posts (linked) some of the potential pitfalls of choosing specific gifts for customers and clients. Gift giving is a veritable minefield of potential faux pas with the increasing internationalism in modern business. Is there a way to simplify the whole process? Of course there is. Let them select their own gift.

There are a variety of services designed to facilitate this process. RewardCo, for example, allows business owners to provide employees and clients with a selection of gifts from which to choose.

This method not only guarantees a gift will be well received and put to good use, but it also prevents any insensitive missteps by the gift giver. Running a business or managing an office of employees is a complex, detail oriented task. Enlisting the assistance of a rewards management company will help ease the burden of one more thing to keep track of.

Additionally, rewards management services also allow business owners to curate their collection of gifts. This is a valuable option as it helps narrow the field of options, sometimes on a person to person basis. For example, a business owner finds him or herself with a relatively new client who just referred a customer to the business. The business owner would like to provide a gift of thanks to this client, so he or she provides the client with a selection of options from the rewards management company. The business owner also has an employee who has been with the company since its beginnings who just closed a deal to greatly increase the business’ net worth. Wouldn’t this warrant something a little bit nicer than the brand new customer?

This is not to suggest that employees are more important than clients, or vice versa. There are, however, likely to be times when a grander gesture is needed. Having the ability to curate a collection of rewards allows a business owner to customize the value of the reward to the reason for the reward.

Choosing rewards and gifts for customers and staff can be a laborious, complex process. Enlisting the services of a rewards management company like RewardCo can simplify things greatly. For more information about rewards management services, visit