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Make the Most of Employee Interviews

Oftentimes job seekers believe the greatest share of job interview stress is resting on their shoulders. However, effective job interviews are integral to the success of any company. Hiring a new employee is a serious investment of money, resources and time. It can take months to determine an employee is not the correct fit, at which time an employer will find his or herself going through the entire process, including the expense of training, all over again.

Preparation is Key

The most important aspect of conducting an effective job interview is preparation. For each position an employer hopes to fill, an analysis of the duties associated with that job should be conducted. Not only will this allow for a more accurate job description, it will identify the skills needed by a prospective employee. For example, if a business is hiring a receptionist, he or she may not need to be a Photoshop expert, but they probably need good people skills.

In addition to thoroughly studying the job on offer, employers would be well served by preparing their interview questions in advance. In a job interview, it’s not unheard of for all involved parties to begin conversing and find themselves slightly off topic. In this situation it could be all too easy to forget to confirm that an applicant is available to work one weekend per month, thus creating a potentially complex situation down the line.

While preparation is key, interviewers should also be flexible. Staying on script is important when ensuring all the necessary questions are asked, but it is the unexpected conversation and questions that may spring up that will reveal the details that can make an employee perfect or not quite right.

In addition to these simple ideas, there are a few tips and tricks one can use to ascertain a prospective employee’s suitability for a position. Next time we will explore several of these tricks, their strengths and their weaknesses.