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Weather the Season

The first few months of the year affect different businesses in different ways. Some companies will find themselves drowning in clients and work, while others will feel stagnant as they wait for their particular busy season. Regardless of how this time of year affects a business, each company should use this time to their advantages.

So Busy

If business is booming, money may be flowing in. Though it’s tempting to use these new funds, first consider the rest of the year. If business is going to slow down when June and July roll around, it’s best to prepare for that eventuality first and foremost. Use this time to plan for the slow season and get the business’ financial house in order. Get rid of as much debt as possible, while still planning responsibly for the future. This is not to suggest that money can’t be invested into the business and its growth. However, investments and purchases should be well thought out and part of an overall strategy.

On the Slow Side

If this is the slower time of the year for a business, it’s a great opportunity to plan and prepare for the upcoming busy season. Plan now for any additional seasonal hiring and training. This is also a good time to tackle any long-term or in depth projects that were sidelined during the busy season. Just as homeowners prepare their home for a harsh winter, businesses should be looking toward their busy season and preparing for the change in pace as much as possible. Start planning and implementing the marketing campaigns that will ultimately drive that busy season. Set goals for growth and productivity and then take a breath. There will be even less time for that once the season changes.

Most businesses, no matter the industry, experience some sort of seasonal highs and lows. The most successful of these use all their time wisely and prepare for each changing season.