November 12, 2014

Improve Your Employees’ Happiness

In light of recent posts detailing the potential causes and effects of workplace dissatisfaction, the next step is to consider ways to ensure or improve that satisfaction level.

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November 1, 2014

Employee Motivation In Theory and Practice

Human motivation is a simple sounding idea that is, in reality, extremely complex. Hundreds of pages of research have been published on motivation and the relevant theories.

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June 16, 2014

Employee Recognition Tools and Programs

According to a report published on InteliSpend as of 2010 55% of employees were unsatisfied at work. This is more than half the entire workforce. Various studies have been conducted and all come to the conclusion that saying thank you to employees can help increase their engagement at work and satisfaction.

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May 12, 2014

Employee KPI Measurement Tools

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are set to measure performance. There are different reasons why an organization would have KPIs set and these could be to evaluate engagement in a particular activity, success or production processes.

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March 10, 2014

Employee KPI Measurement Tools from RewardCo

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), are the measurements used to analyze an organization’s performance. They exist to highlight how well a company is performing in meeting its goals. KPI tracking is essential to a business’ success.

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