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Employee Motivation

Improve Your Employees’ Happiness

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In light of recent posts detailing the potential causes and effects of workplace dissatisfaction, the next step is to consider ways to ensure or improve that satisfaction level.
Be Kind
While some may cite the old idea “I don’t go to work to make friends,” the simple fact is that modern society dictates some consideration for the feelings of others, workplace or no. Treating employees with a basic level of respect will go a long way toward improving their attitude. This is not to suggest that business owners should be pushovers, but that they should refrain from treating employees like servants. A simple “hello” or “thank you” are all that is needed to convey respect.
Lead By Example
Few things are as inspiring to an employee as knowing their superiors are competent, hard working professionals who also maintain the standards they expect of their staff. When a manager sets an example in this way, employees will easily maintain a healthy level of respect for that supervisor. If the management of a business holds their employees to a high standard of behavior and productivity without adhering to it themselves, employee morale will quickly plummet. This kind of leadership is especially important in situations outside the usual. For example; if employees are suddenly expected to work additional hours into the night to prepare for a major presentation, the potential frustration of that situation can be mitigated by the supervisor joining them in those late nights.
Be Consistent
When employees know they can expect a consistent kind of integrity and behavior from their employer, they will be much more at ease in the workplace. Conversely, if they spend the day waiting for an unprovoked outburst they will not be paying attention to their work. Consistency in behavior and attitude are extremely important parts of a comfortable work environment.
Offer Occasional Incentives
Providing employees with a tangible goal such as an incentive adds a little extra something to workplace culture. Recognizing work that has gone above and beyond the usual will impart a feeling of value to staff members. Acknowledging birthdays and employment anniversaries are also good ways to make employees feel appreciated. Maintaining a positive work environment and employee satisfaction is a key component in operating a successful business. Putting a system in place to monitor these areas early on will ensure a strong, functional team and an office culture worthy of envy.

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