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The RewardCo partnership program is designed to accrue immense benefits for our partners.
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Grow your business with a rewarding partnership

Our partners help organizations around the world increase engagement with their stakeholders: employees, customers, members, partners and students. In line with our vision of creating a world of engaged participants, every RewardCo Partner helps make organizational relationships more fruitful, more satisfying and more enriching.


Access the modules you need to expedite your business growth and hit new milestones.


Keep moving in a profitable direction by opening new markets and opportunities.


Offer solutions that are compelling, fit-for-purpose and engineered for outcomes.

Revenue Streams

Generate revenue through one or more approved service streams.

Program Design

Expert consultation on program design and configuration.

Program Review

Periodic reviews of in-flight programs for clients.


Commissions on implementation and customization costs.


Earn fixed or recurring revenues from subscriptions.

A Mutual Partnership

We have built a genuinely sophisticated platform and a partnership system designed to accrue immense benefits for our partners. We want to win with you, and together, create a lasting, engaging relationship. Just as we run thriving engagement programs for our clients, we are ready to provide what you need to succeed as a RewardCo Partner.

How the Partner Program Works

Whether you focus on reselling, referring or generating independent sales, we’ll provide the resources, tools and training to help you succeed as a partner.


For solution providers with expertise in HR, people and culture development, as well as marketing agencies providing customer loyalty, claims and reward campaigns.

Referral Partners

This partnership is for allied companies, businesses, customers, individual consultants and website owners who promote, refer and introduce new clients to RewardCo.
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Independent Sales Consultants

For sales consultants with the capacity to undertake pre-qualification, product demonstration or program design and review activities independently.
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Programs and Solutions

Powerful, modern, ready to use engagement modules with varied business, government and industry applications. Organizations have dominant control over their choice of engagement modules and how they deploy them to achieve business objectives.

Employee Engagement Programs

Build programs that help organizations create the right conditions for their staff to give their best every day, commit to organizational goals and values and motivated to contribute to organizational success.
Modules: KPI, Challenge, Kudos, Milestone, Nomination, Employee-of-the-Month, Referral, Event, Document, Feeds, Survey

Membership Engagement Programs

Create membership programs for associations, communities and groups to help these organizations increase participation from members, increase advocacy and engender more significant commitment to the organization’s charter and goals.
Modules: Milestone, Referral, Events, Survey, Documents, Gifting, Feeds, Member-of-the-Month, Offers

Partner Engagement Programs

Build programs for vendors to enrol, train, support and reward channel partners. The application can include deal registration and tracking, marketing assets, knowledgebase, documents, campaigns and KPIs.
Modules: Referral, Challenge, Milestone,, Affiliate, Offers Documents, Events, Feeds, Survey, Partner-of-the-Month

Referral and Affiliate Programs

Create referral or affiliate programs to incentivize referral partners and existing customers to refer family, friends, colleagues and business contacts. A formal program solidifies arrangements with referrers and affiliates (marketers).
Modules: Referral, Affiliate, Documents, Feeds, Referrer-of-the-Month, Survey

Customer Engagement Programs

Design customized loyalty programs for companies—from solely being a points-based program to a mix of points, cashback, claims and redemption programs. Our platform supports Points, Spend, Tiered, Paid, Value, Partnered and Game-based programs or hybrids of these.
Modules: Points, Cashback, Claims, Contest, Referral, Customer-of-the-Month, Feeds, Documents, Survey

Sales Incentive Programs

Used by manufacturers and distributors to offer incentives to retailers and sales agents to increase sales of products. The program includes periodic campaigns, agent registration, claims submission, verification and admin approval, and gift redemption.
Modules: Claims, Milestone, Documents, Feeds, Agent-of-the-Month, Survey

Redemption and Benefits Programs

Run a redemption or benefits scheme for members, customers, employees and partners. Create programs that incorporate multiple catalogs with discounted products or use predominant accrued points as the basis for redemption.
Modules: Milestone, Survey, Documents, Gifting, Feeds, Customer-of-the-Month

Chamber Engagement Programs

Help chambers and business associations to motivate their members to attend events, refer business to fellow members, recognize the length of membership and grow their membership base. Design a program that includes member offers and rewards for bringing visitors or new members.
Modules: Kudos, Nomination, Milestone, Referral, Event, Document, Offers, Gifting, Feeds, Member-of-the-Month

Academic and Student Programs

Programs for schools to assist students and faculty to be active participants in academic, recreational and extra-curricular activities. Deploy with gamification techniques, performance dashboards, nominations, and more.
Modules: KPI, Challenge, Kudos, Nomination, Student-of-the-Month, Cashback, Survey, Event, Feedback, Document, Gifting, Feeds,

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