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Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are set to measure performance. There are different reasons why an organization would have KPIs set and these could be to evaluate engagement in a particular activity, success or production processes. In order to have a valuable KPI program, an organization needs to understand what is most important. KPIs could therefore be aligned to sales or customer satisfaction. Once an organization can identify its most important goals, then it can begin to assess the state of affairs with KPI tools.  
Who Needs KPI Measurement Tools?
KPI tracking is essential for all regardless of business size, geographic location, industry or sector. All organizations face similar challenges when it comes to measuring performance and it helps to have tools that can keep track of just how productive the organization is as far as meeting its goals is concerned. KPI measurement tools can therefore help. Below we list a group of people that may benefit from KPI tools Corporate Planners: Corporate planners facilitate operational and strategic planning sessions. KPIs can help measure the organizations strategies and goals as well as give facts to both staff and management on the measures that should be undertaken to meet their goals. Business and Performance Consultants: These measuring tools would work to provide quick access to company processes and highlight changes that need to be made by management and staff according to the collected data. Entrepreneurs: Entrepreneurs who want to measure the success of their business will find that employee KPI tools will provide performance measures per individual and the business as a whole. Project Officers: If you are looking for a fast way to set up measures that will track project results and success factors, you might want to consider KPI tools. Managers: Employee KPI tools are quite beneficial for managers who wish to introduce a system that identifies exactly what is expected for individuals and teams. These tools help increase productivity and the employees are accountable. Business Analysts: If you are a business analyst who is keen on assisting your clients to set up measures that identify progress, performance issues and business opportunity, KPI tools could be effective.  
Why You Need To Consider Your KPI Program?
Are you able to prove that monitoring your employees can improve performance? Measuring performance will be met with some resistance and this is because people feel judged when monitored. Judgment leads to self-defense, which then hinders performance. Poor performance leads to increased monitoring and before you know it you have a monitoring program that is killing your business. Managing employee performance is essential but it needs to be done right. You must engage your employees in the monitoring process and that includes setting up the KPIs together, offering mentorship, training as opposed to sacking employees for failing to meet their KPIs. Rewards and KPI tracking should go hand in hand and these could be in form of promotions, awards, bonuses and others. You cannot stop measuring performance and processes. However, these programs should be about improving performance and developing an engaging workplace.

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