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RewardCo Cloud 

RewardCo Cloud is a software company that provides tailored programs to improve engagement for employees, customers, partners, and members. Our software is powerful, but also very simple to use. You can finetune your program as you go, to meet your ever-changing engagement needs.

Rich, measureable engagement 

Our mission is to empower organizations to create rich, measurable engagement with stakeholders. The engagement platform focuses on implementation - handing you control of the engagement tools that best suit your requirements and objectives.

A World Of Switched-On Stakeholders

In line with our vision of creating a world of engaged participants, the RewardCo engagement software can be successfully implemented for various stakeholder types—employees, customers, partners, sales agents, chamber members, associations and groups, and students. 

More than software

RewardCo Cloud has immediate application in human resource management and also in sales, marketing and membership growth initiatives.

Domain Knowledge

Over 25 years of in-depth experience deploying advanced systems in the engagement sector.

Implementation Experience

Deployed in parts of Australia and Europe with different use cases and IT requirements.

Service Advisory

Delivers service and handbooks for experts and advise on the creation of efficient engagement strategies.

Make Change Happen at Your Organisation

Get in touch with our engagement experts now with any questions you may have. Let our experts help you increase engagement and loyalty.
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