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Delivery Timeframe

Delivery of RewardCo Products

Rewards are mailed or shipped out directly to the address provided by you on your personal profile. It is imperative that the information that you provide is accurate and it is your responsibility to ensure that your information remains current. We use primarily National retailers to supply the products listed on your program. Product is shipped via our suppliers directly to the address that you have provided and as such, shipments are subject to the delivery terms and conditions of the supplier. Most product is received within approximately 10 business days from time of order, however, delays may occur in instances such as backorders or in situations where the supplier is experiencing heavy demand. These delays are beyond our control and we accept no responsibility or liability for delays, losses, misdirected parcels or other delivery related incidents. For this reason, we ask that you allow 2 – 3 weeks for delivery. All warranty, return or replacement issues are also the responsibility or our suppliers and subject to the terms and conditions as provided by that supplier and will be facilitated through that supplier. Product shall not be returned to RewardCo for any reason.

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