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Built for modern Marketers

Whether you want to promote a product, drive traffic, or generate leads, this contest module will save you time and cost in administering contests and fulfilling rewards.

How the Contest module works

Host contest for your stakeholders and external parties with custom webforms, landing pages, and rewards.

Define your goals and audience

Your organization context—values, drivers, key result areas, target audience, are unique. Align each contest to specific business or marketing objectives, and target audience, so you can quickly track, monitor, and measure success.

Add contestants and rewards

Have one-off or recurring contests run simulteneously and automatically trigger rewards to participants or selected winners. Users gain access to upcoming, and completed contests, and a portal for redeeming and tracking rewards earned.

Build your contest and track results

Build your contest with custom landing pages, custom web forms, catchy titles, descriptions, entry rules, time frame, and custom prizes. Keep up to date with simple graphs, contest performance, and downloadable reports, and use those real-time metrics to make better business decisions.

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