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Boost performance with game-based challenge

Easily create and administer game-based challenges and competitions. Make targets and performance objectives fun to achieve.

How the game-based challenge module works

The Challenge module offers various features that allow you to motivate stakeholders creatively, quickly compare performance and share insights with other managers.

Manage challenge and participants

Create multiple challenges that run simultaneously. Add participants, set targets, and automatically trigger reward for submitted performance. Users gain access to challenges and can track personal and team performance.

Link a challenge with business outcomes

Tailor a challenge to specific business drivers, key result areas, and user groups. You can segregate users by teams, location, or any criteria and choose what games or other parts of the program they can access.

Access reports and valuable insights

Access essential metrics and download the reports that matter the most so you can drill into top and under-performers, and use those insights to make better-informed business decisions.

Do more with game-based challenge

View leaderboard, display live feeds, access and control notifications, send private emails, display important reminders, provide quick actions and links to external websites. Allow ratings, user likes, comments. Do more.

Explore more modules

KPI Module

The KPI engagement module can save you time with creating and tracking KPIs. Plus, help bring stakeholders in line with performance objectives.

Commend Module

Make praise and recognition simple and straightforward. Generate essential metrics, like most used badges, to determine the necessary follow-up actions.

Nomination Module

Create nomination categories aligned to your company values, reward approved nominees, and administer claimed rewards from one place.
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