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Never miss the mark with a Service Award Program

This Milestone module makes it easier to recognize stakeholders for their tenure with your organization. It notifies you of upcoming milestone achievements and helps you trigger custom rewards and recognition messages.

How the Milestone module works

Take advantage of the positive feelings that are generated with a service award program.

Custom milestones

Create years of service or custom milestones and assign rewards earned by those who receive them. Trigger milestones based on when stakeholders started with your company, joined the reward program, or your preferred custom date.

Multiple reward options

Multiple reward options are available, including points, cash, or customized redeemable gift items. Users gain access to upcoming and achieved milestones and can redeem rewards with ease from the same platform.

Tailored experience

Create custom messages for all to see, and allow team or group commenting. Use Live Feeds to share success stories and enhance the value of the recognition for the stakeholder receiving it.

Never miss the mark with a Service Award Program

A service award program with your branding, custom navigation, direct emails, and features that fit your organization’s unique values, business drivers and key results areas will surely increase motivation and retention for your entire organization.

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