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Manage all your cashback campaigns in one place

Cashback lets you collect, manage, and fulfill cashback requests quickly and easily.

How the Cashback module works

Create and design your cashback request forms. Create user accounts, add incentives, track results.

Create member accounts

Create accounts for users through self-registration or import a database seamlessly and allow them to submit and track cashback requests. You can group users by location, business type and size, or any criteria.

Create campaigns

Create custom cashback campaigns for users at any time and automatically trigger rewards on approval. Campaigns can target specific user groups. Reward with points, a percentage of the dollar value, or a fixed amount.

Design your cashback request pages

The Cashback module supports submissions for anonymous users. The information you require users to enter when requesting a cashback can be specified using custom web forms. Create custom fields and save them for use at any time.

Manage all your cashback campaigns in one place

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