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Manage all your member accounts and offers from one place

Offers lets you create and manage exclusive deals, promos, and discounts that other members can redeem.

How the Offers module works

Features like offer access control, member groups, custom status, quick actions, and more, make the offers module a must-have for membership engagement.

Create member accounts

Create accounts for members through self-registration or import a database seamlessly and allow them to create and administer individual offers. You can group members by location, business type and size, or any criteria.

Manage member offers

There’s no limit to the number of offers you or your members can create. You can choose to review and approve member offers before they become available to be redeemed by other members.

Stay up to date

System notifications and member activities alert you and other members of new, approved, and redeemed offers. Plus remind you when offers are nearing their expiry so that you never miss critical updates.

Manage all your member accounts and offers from one place

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