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This isn’t just any survey tool

Imagine that your respondents, survey results and incentives for completion were all in one place.
RewardCo Surveys is where it happens.

The survey platform you'll love

Custom surveys, form builder, question and answer templates, completion rate, incentives for completion, and much more.

Build confidence and trust

Build trust with a customized survey platform that voices your brand. Quickly get feedback from users using template or custom questions and points or cash as incentive for responses.

Achieve organizational alignment

When respondents see the connection between your company goals and the response that they are providing, they feel valued and remain loyal.

Gain real-time insights

Keep up to date with simple graphs, survey performance, and downloadable reports. View key parameters of all surveys or the results of a single survey so you can use those real-time metrics to make better business decisions.

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Explore more modules

Referral module

RewardCo Referral Module provides a means to administer and reward successful referrals for both your business and external parties.

Claims module

Features like system notifications, custom emails, quick actions, and in-app support tickets, makes this claim module a powerful loyalty marketing tool.

Events module

Make participation easy with in-app registrations, rewards, and easy-to-use features that make your events stand out and provide real value.
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