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RewardCo Cloud Expands Employee Engagement Through Gifted.PH Partnership

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At the heart of employee engagement is increased participation through reward and recognition systems. RewardCo is expanding its reward system for employee engagement through a new partnership with Gifted.PH.

The addition of Gifted.PH’s wide range of gift cards is unlocking even further potential for employers to incentivize and reward their workers. Employees earn points within the reward system for almost any type of engagement activity, such as attending meetings, reaching performance objectives, and recognizing their peers. Workers can then redeem gift items with their accumulated points.

In this blog post, we will cover how vital these employee engagement programs are, as well as the benefits of the new RewardCo partnership with Gifted.PH.

The Importance of Employee Engagement Programs

Employee engagement is more than a simple satisfaction rating. Individuals can show up, complete their job without complaining, and head home without truly being engaged. While this may be sufficient, it isn’t sustainable. Strong organizations are built on a backbone of employees who are engaged with their work and dedicated to playing a part within their team.

Employees need to feel seen and heard in order to stay dedicated to their work and employer. Effective communication between individuals and their managers is one key to solidifying employee engagement. By utilizing engagement programs, leaders can cover all the bases and strengthen their teams.

These internal programs save management the time needed to oversee employee benefits and promote recognition. Organizations see results in the form of increasing participation, maintaining engagement of newly onboarded employees, and much more.

What is Gifted.PH?

Gifted.PH is the leading personalized electronic gift certificate company in the Philippines, with strong ties to companies in the USA, Singapore, India, UAE, and Australia that service 200,000 employees in the Philippines. The company services 400+ Philippine companies with the intention of making gift-giving easy, affordable, and timely.

Gifted.PH is the self-proclaimed future of gift-giving, and we believe it! We also feel that their wide selection is perfect for providing employees with real incentives.

RewardCo Employee Engagement

RewardCo’s partnership with Gifted.PH is elevating our client’s abilities to incentivize their workforce and strengthen the bond between organization and employee. This is a huge part of the system RewardCo has in place to support employee engagement.

Rewards aren’t the only important part. Here are a few ways in which the RewardCo Engagement Cloud aids organizations:

  • KPI: Track performance objectives for everyone in the organization
  • Challenge: Take wellbeing to the next level with challenges and leaderboards
  • Commend: Spur employees on by making peer recognition part of your culture
  • Mood Meter: Make employees feel valued by asking them how they feel daily. Measure company-wide pulse in real-time based on user submissions
  • Milestone: Milestone helps you avoid missing the mark of significant attainments and
  • Onboard: Save time with employee onboard and offboarding
  • Embed recognition in every engagement and wellbeing activity: Recognize employees for their effort with points and give them access to a central place to redeem gift items with points accumulated over time.

Working on Employee Engagement? Let’s Chat!

When it comes to connecting with your employees, you need transparency, communication, and streamlined ideas. Elevating your employee engagement is a top priority for leaders seeking to build sustainable teams that deliver consistent results.

Schedule a 15-minute meeting to chat with us about what you can accomplish with the RewardCo Cloud—we'll even let you pick the time and date.

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