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Gift Ideas

Corporate Gifts Outside the Holidays

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Gift giving is not exclusive to an employer/employee relationship in the business world. One of the most common types of corporate gift giving are gifts from one business to another. The winter holidays are the time of year most businesses choose to initiate these gifts. However, there are plenty of other instances in which a gift could be given from one business to another.
Client Anniversary
Businesses with successful working relationships with other businesses may wish to express their thanks by commemorating the anniversary of their first engagement. Like all corporate gifts, this will serve to benefit the relationship between the two businesses, as well as set the sender apart. How many business owners send anniversary gifts?
A congratulatory gift can be in reference to a personal achievement or a professional achievement. Business owners, particularly in smaller or more tightly knit communities, are often more attuned to the personal lives of their clients and vendors. A marriage, a new baby, a new home, a child’s gradutation; these are all good reasons to reach out with a gift. Professionally, there are plenty of congratulatory opportunities to engage other businesses. Expansions, major business deals and office relocations are a great reason to send a gift. They needn’t be large, expensive affairs. Simple gifts are equally appreciated, as the ultimate goal is to let the client or business owner know they are important. In every corporate gift giving situation, the purpose is to further improve the relationship between the two parties. During the winter holidays, businesses are often flooded with gift baskets of chocolates, fruits and baked goods. While no one would recommend abstaining from this tradition, it can only enhance a business relationship to look for additional opportunities to remind a client or partner of their importance. Sending gifts for alternate occasions will help a business stand out from the crowd and serve to grow a brand. Consider adding alternate gifting occasions into your gift giving strategy.

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