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Gift Ideas

Gifts Not to Give Clients and Staff

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Gift giving is complicated. Choosing the right gift can seem like an impossible task without a little guidance. Now that we’ve discussed some great gift options, let’s take a look at the other side of the coin. Below are some simple rules to consider when selecting gifts for employees or customers.
Nothing Too Personal
In an attempt to find a gift that will be genuinely enjoyed, it is possible to stray too far in the right direction. Remember that no matter how long an employee or client has been with a business, this is still a corporate gift and as such should maintain a degree of distance. There are many things that can fall into the category of “too personal” that are obvious, but also some that may appear fine on the surface. For example, unless it bears the company logo, clothing may be too personal a gift from a boss to an employee. While a sweater may seem harmless, there are dozens of potential pitfalls involved with the purchase. Purchasing clothing for a person implies a deep degree of familiarity, which may not be appropriate in the workplace.
No Jewelry
While this could fall into the previous category, it really deserves its own mention. Even more than clothing, there are a series of implications when giving jewelry as a gift. Particularly for female employees, receiving jewelry from a boss or coworker can be incredibly uncomfortable, regardless of the innocence or good intentions of the gift.
Nothing Useless
This temptation should be a familiar one. It would be so much simpler to put the company logo on a paperweight and pass those out to everyone. The problem with that logic is that no one likes paper weights. Undesirable objects are not made less so simply by adding a corporate logo. If the item wouldn’t be functional or helpful without the logo, it won’t be any better with it. That is not to say all logoed items are useless. Pens, stationary and even hats and jackets are all nice, useful items that can be made gift worthy with the inclusion of the company information. While there are many potential gift giving traps one may wish to avoid, the above mentioned rules should help navigate the majority of them. When in doubt, a monetary bonus for employees and a discounted item or service for clients are always appreciated.

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