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Customer Engagement Program

Increasing Customer Loyalty

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Acquiring new customers is great for any business but the best way to build profits is with customer retention. Increasing and maintaining customer loyalty is paramount for success but, undeniably, it can be hard. With the rise of the Internet and the ease with which product comparisons can be carried out, it’s getting harder – and because of that, it’s more important too. There is infinitely more choice for our customers now, and their allegiance to you is held on a narrow ledge. However, increasing customer loyalty is still possible and it may not be as hard as you think.
    • Provide exceptional customer service
      Whilst this may seem obvious enough many customers have complained about poor customer service and bad communication. Make sure that you have good customer service policies in place. By making your customers like you, you are sure to build profits.
    • Make it personal
      On the matter of customer service, if a customer has a problem – deal with it yourself. Have a help line number on your website that is monitored by real people or consider having a ‘live chat’ option. Problems rarely fit into pre-designed categories and most customers would rather speak to a real person than send an email.
    • Say things that customers love to hear
      Words like “free” or “reduced” are fantastic but words and phrases such as “new”, “I can sort that for you now”, “I’ll order it”, or even good old phrases such as “please” and “thank you” will go a long way in increasing customer loyalty.
    • Don’t say the things that they hate to hear!
      Avoiding the negatives is equally important. “That’s not my responsibility”, “there is nothing we can do”, and “I don’t know” are just some of the phrases that are sure to frustrate your customer and have them running to your competitors.
    • Be visible
      Increasing customer loyalty is even harder when people are bombarded with advertising from every direction. Make sure that your customers don’t forget you – offer tips on the best way to use your products and provide them with information that may be beneficial to them. Doing this doesn’t have to be costly either; send emails or take advantage of social media and RSS feeds.
    • Offer something that your competitors don’t
      It could be anything, from free postage to a hand-written thank-you note, just make sure it’s something that they won’t get elsewhere.
    • Have customer-friendly policies
      Be flexible, easy to deal with, and likeable.
    • Implement a rewards program
      Customer reward programs like the ones we offer at RewardCo can go a long way in helping to increase customer loyalty and build profits. From points per dollars spent schemes to loyalty cards, you’re sure to have your customers returning again and again.
    • Stroke their ego
      Make your customers feel as though they are special – because after all, they are.

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