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Culturally Complex Rewards

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The world is an increasingly smaller place with the continuing advances of modern technology. Clients, businesses and employees can connect from opposite sides of the planet, creating new levels of diversity in the marketplace. This has created a new kind of complexity with gift giving and rewarding employees that are part of this multicultural environment. Obviously no employer wants to offend someone with a gift that was intended to express appreciation and serve as a reward.
There are many nuances one should consider when selecting rewards and gifts for employees before cultural considerations are added in. Once diversity becomes part of the conversation, the decision becomes even more complex. Some questions to ask include: - Is there a religious holiday or observance happening? - Are there gifts that are out of step with an employee’s religion? For example; many Muslims do not consume any alcohol. A nice bottle of wine would not be an appropriate gift in that case. - Does my employee have any particular dietary restrictions or allergies? Again a steak is not an appropriate gift for a vegetarian. In light of these details, suddenly giving employees a gift or reward can seem overwhelming. It helps to remember that most people genuinely believe the thought and effort put into giving a gift is of equal or greater importance to the gift itself.
Make It Easy
When dealing with the array of complexities of corporate gift giving, it helps to have a user-friendly system in place to manage the process. RewardCo is designed to do just that. To simplify your rewards process, contact one of our representatives today at RewardCo’s easy gift management system will make the organizational side of rewarding employees seamless, from selection to delivery. We will even help prevent that timeless gift giving faux pas: giving someone the same gift twice.

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