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Customer Reward Programs

Customer Rewards on a Budget

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It is well established that giving a little something back to your customers does wonders for retention and thus, profits. There are lots of different customer rewards programs available but when youve only got a small budget, creating that wow factor that you want people to associate with your business can be difficult. If your profit margins are small, giving lavish gifts and huge discounts is hard and it may seem that offering customer rewards is impossible. Nevertheless, it is possible to give your customers an experience that they will remember without making too much of a dent into your bottom line. After all, its the little things that count.
  • Customer service. Plain and simple good customer service will have your customers coming back time and again and it is something that you provide even with a small budget.
  • Names. Remembering your customers name is a fantastic way to make them feel valued and enjoying the experience of shopping with you.
  • Personalisation. Personalise each experience, each sale, and each pitch, to the customer that you are currently working with. Altering your approach according to the individual will pay dividends.
  • Feeling. Good customer rewards are not about the money spent but about the feeling that you create in your customer and making someone feel great doesnt need to cost the earth.
  • Small bonuses. Offer small benefits that dont cost much, like a bowl of complimentary sweets at your till point, or hand out branded balloons to children.
  • Free upgrades. Offer upgrades in memberships or services to long-standing customers.
  • Free shipping. This one is sure to attract customers and if you offer free shipping over a certain amount spent, you can encourage further sales too.
  • Notifications. Give loyal customers early notifications of sales and discounts.
  • Random Acts of Kindness. Give little surprises and random customer rewards to those you feel deserve them.

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