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Gift Ideas

Gift Ideas for Clients and Employees

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Etiquette experts suggest that management should give their employees gifts as a form of recognition and as a sign of appreciation without the expectation of reciprocation. The same applies to clients; the company should give its valued clients gifts but not expect the same. That said, business-to-business gifting is allowed. This article doesnt address who should give a gift but how to offer gifts to employees and clients. After all, these are the people who make the business what it is.
Brilliant Gift Ideas for Clients and Employees
Books are good yet tricky gifts. You have to ensure that they are not implying anything negative with the title. It helps to find out if your client or employee likes books in the first place. Instead of going for tough reads, we recommend lighthearted books with some comic relief.
Gift cards
Be creative with gift cards. Think about what the receiver really likes and buy something that will be used and appreciated.
Edible arrangements
 Edible arrangements are good client gift ideas. You might want to go for edible items that are not common or not easy to come by such as exotic fruits, chocolates, and wines.
Outgoing certificates
 These are especially great for gifts for employees since they show that you recognize their hard work and the need to relax. You could give gift certificates to amusement parks, bowling alleys and arenas.
Flowers hold sentimental value. Ensure that the flowers are appropriate to avoid mixed signals. For example red roses are known to signify love and affection - these are not the kind of flowers you want to give your client or employee.
Things to Consider When Gifting Your Customers and Employees
  • Value of the gift
    Of course the gift must be valuable to the recipient but you need to determine what the value and by value we dont mean monetary. If you want to give a gift with impact, determine what their interests are before shopping.
  • Timing of the gift
     The timing of the gift is important because ideally gifts are symbolic. If not well timed, your gift may look more like a coercive gesture rather than a heartfelt one. Most gifts are presented after milestones, during holiday season or at the end of a financial year to recognize and appreciate efforts and business relationships.
  • Gifting venue
    Gifting needs to be conducted in a professional environment such as on company group opposed to private settings.
  • Packaging
     Packaging is of great importance especially when presenting gifts to clients abroad. Be wary of color meanings and symbols.

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