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Gift Ideas

Gifting Solutions and Corporate Gift Ideas

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In the same way that we give gifts to friends and family, it is important to give gifts to our clients, staff members and other publics. Corporate policies have undergone various changes and nowadays, it is not strange to exchange gifts. Corporate gifts are widely acceptable and there is no shortage of corporate gift vendors. This is a public relations strategy that is without a doubt yielding positive results and many people are actually viewing it as a cost effective marketing strategy. There are different types of Sydney corporate gifts that you can offer and they range from customized items to gift cards.  
Sydney Corporate Gifts: Should You Have a Company Logo?
When looking for a gifting solution one of the major dilemmas that organizations face is determining whether or not it is appropriate to offer a gift that has a logo. There are no rules to this but courtesy dictates that you have less company information in any gift you present. Corporate gifts are not promotional items and having the company logo in all gifts may leave a negative impression on the organizations intention. You need to understand that the point of the gift is to appreciate the companys stakeholders, employees or clients and as such, it needs to have less promotional content. A major exception to the logo provision would be when the company offers its own merchandise as gifts. In this case, having a logo would be is acceptable.  
Important Considerations with Corporate Gift Ideas
  1. Identify value
    The gift needs to be valuable and the biggest challenge would be buying a gift that will actually be appreciated. If you are giving gifts to valued customers, you can make out their preferences by having a look at their purchase history. It also helps to select items that are generally useful to most if not all people such as office supplies. It helps to have valuable gifts as these leave a positive impression on the company. Remember that valuable is relative and it does not necessarily mean expensive.
  2. Be wary of cultural differences 
     If your services are international, you need to be very wary of cultural differences. Different countries have their corporate gifting rules and cultures. While a gift wrapped in white may be perfectly acceptable in Australia, it may be viewed negatively in China as it signifies death.
  3. Personalize the gifts
     Personalizing gifts doesnt have to be expensive and will go along way to fostering a continued relationship.
Finding a gifting solution for business relationships should not be the problem. The main task would be making sure that the gifts are valued and appropriate.

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