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Alleviate Workplace Tension

Sometimes despite a manager’s best efforts, an office can become an extremely tense environment. Or perhaps a newly hired manager…

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Stop Tension Before It Starts

Last time we discussed how tension can gain a foothold in a business, directly affecting employee productivity and job satisfaction….


Watch Out For Workplace Animosity

There are a number of factors potentially affecting an employee’s level of productivity, which can vary from person to person….


Everyone Wants to Be A Good Boss

A considerable amount of space in the business world is allotted for lists of reasons why it’s important to be…


Let Them Choose

We’ve discussed in previous posts (linked) some of the potential pitfalls of choosing specific gifts for customers and clients. Gift…


Become A Better Leader

Strong leadership is important for every business owner. Regardless of industry, the person in charge must have good leadership skills…


Identify Leadership Potential

Previously we discussed the importance of strong leadership to a business. Now let’s look at some ways to identify the…


What Makes A Leader Part II

In the previous installment, we discussed several facets that contribute to effective leadership. The traits of good leaders are many…


What Makes A Leader Part I

Effective leadership is imperative to the success of any business and there are a number of things a business owner,…


Leaders: The Foundation of Any Business

Leadership skills can make or break a company. If a leader is weak, a business can start to experience weakness…